Finance Options

Do we offer finance? Should we lease or Buy our coffee machine? 


So you've decided your business need a coffee machine - whether its for your staff or customers, we think you've made a great choice.

If your workplace needs a coffee machine and you may not have the budget to get the machine you want, have you thought about leasing a machine. Options start as little as £19.00 per week. (Thats cheaper than having 2 shop brought coffees a day) Im not talking about a little instant coffee, im talking about paying £3.00 per coffee from a well know chain.  

If you want that coffee machine to be the best for you and your work place have a look at the options we can do, to help finance you with that perfect machine. Every machine has a different figure and depending on how long you want the finance for the prices can vary. So please get in touch if you want more information. 


Is Leasing a good or bad thing? 

Leasing can be a good or bad thing. It all depends on the way you look at things? Leasing is an advantage to getting an expensive machine that maybe your budget cant reach to right now. You would be paying a set amount, for a set amount of time but the machine would never be yours?  You need to look after the machine like it is yours though!

Completely Coffee offers the facility of finance/leasing and this can be done over 3 or 5 years. There are many different options to get leases weather your company is Sole trader, Limited or partnership. 


The Downside to leasing

 There can be made downsides to leasing (again a personal choice) however in the end the products you purchase on lease can be more expensive, you cannot forget about the extra fee's that leasing companies charge and interests and at the end of the term the machine/product is not yours. 


The Best Option for Leasing

Possibly the main benefit of leasing a coffee machine is you get the best model for your work place at a small out lay. The total cost of the machine is split across your payment term meaning you could be paying a grand total of £2.71 per day for a brand new machine. (Thats less than a well know coffee)


Service Agreement

Ordering a machine on lease through Completely Coffee you will have a service agreement and as long as you treat your machine well we are available to sort out breakdowns throughout your contract.  We supply all your ingredients and a full service can be provided if this is the route you choose to go down. 

Another advantage if you lease a coffee machine for your business, is the extra benefits you get due to being in a contract with the coffee machine company. At Coffee Seller, a service agreement is available if you stick to the contract. Ingredients and stock customers will receive an engineer free of charge for any manufacturing faults. This is a huge benefit to leasing as it can save you huge costs during the years for any faults that are not your own.  


So the Answer to your question? Is leasing the best option for you? 

Two ways of looking at this: 

1) If you have the budget to get the coffee machine you need and require for your business, the best option for you is to purchase it out right. Own it from the start. 

2) If you don't have the budget but still want the best machine for your business go a head and lease. You will have to go through a finance check and sometimes a lot of information needs to be shared to pass finance. The process can be a lot longer but you will get there.