Boiler Testing

IOSH / HSE Boiler Inspections

To be able to be a qualified boiler inspector you need to take out a number of exams and qualifications to complete this job. Our service engineers are qualified and trained to take on-site examinations of group machines for cafes and restaurants. Subject to your coffee machine being satisfactory tested you will be provided and issued with a certificate of compliance. 

IOSH CoffeeSafe


Consider the impact of a serious accident caused by the failure of a coffee machines steam system. As well as the potential injury to staff and customers, there are financial implications and brand reputation to consider.

Our engineers are trained by CoffeeSafe and work in close partnership with industry manufacturers, suppliers and service providers to maintain the safety of traditional espresso and bean to cup coffee machines, and to continually raise industry standards

The Pressure Systems Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000) legislation require that statutory examinations are carried out at regular intervals. CoffeeSafe help service providers manage and make good use of this essential legislation, bringing the best quality of service to the end user. 

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A boiler test has to be done every year on your coffee machine. Yes! We can just come and complete a boiler test but we like to save time and money for our customers. Why not add your pressure/boiler testing in with your yearly service on your coffee machine. Have everything done at the same time. 

We can arrange just a one off visit but time is money. Looking after you coffee machine with a service will prolong the life of your machine. (Its like your car getting a MOT) A service can avoid breakdowns and keeps you on time of looking after your coffee machine. Let's face it, coffee machines are not cheap so keep on top of your service and boiler inspections every year.